Ride with us from Poulsbo to Tacoma. We operate twenty hourly scheduled trips each day from nine convenient service locations!

Travel Tips: Passengers are encouraged to read these comments before making reservations!

Effective on Wednesday, May 15, 2024 an additional service Run #24 will be added to our schedule. In addition, all 21 hourly departure times from Seatac will be scheduled at 20 minutes past the hour beginning at 4:20AM and ending at 12:20AM the next day!

A second ticketing kiosk was recently installed at Seatac, immediately adjacent to the other at the counter between baggage carousels 2 and 3.
As all airport departures require no reservations and all passengers are “walk ons”,  the use of the kiosks greatly speeds up the boarding process. All passengers must simply print and give the driver your kiosk ticket and you are checked in and good to go!! Buses are boarded curbside outside Door #2.

The UTC has authorized a five percent increase in all BKA fares effective on May 1, 2024. Because of our existing low, low fares, frequency of service and our excellent customer service practices, we believe that they are the primary reasons that our ridership continues to grow each month. Moreover, as we are now effectively dealing with inflationary pressures, there will be no fare increases in 2024!

All travelers are provided with a reservation number at the time of booking! Passenger reservation numbers consist of four digits. The first two digits represent the date of travel and the last two digits are the arrival time at the airport, expressed in 24 hour time.Additionally, all Run numbers are coincidental with SeaTac arrival times and are also expressed in 24 hour time! Travelers are encouraged to double check their entered reservations!

BKA has a very reliable and accurate GPS system in use 24/7. Dispatchers have continuous access to this system and are therefore able to advise drivers of traffic tie ups, accidents and road closures! Drivers are then able to find any shortcuts to their destination if any are available!

If you’re considering driving to the airport, why don’t you go instead to a BKA service location and we’ll ride together in one “gas eater”!  If a friend or family member has agreed to take and bring you from SeaTac, this action then involves four one-way trips when traffic incidents are bound to occur!

Please be aware that an additional service location has been added to our schedule. The Poulsbo-Walmart (rear Automotive Repair lot) was added to meet the needs of Poulsbo, Port Gamble, Squamish and Bainbridge Island residents.

To all of our passengers we now have the kiosk at the airport for quicker boarding and departures from the airport: We are located in baggage claim window side by carousel #3 between the Money Exchange and the escalator. Just press the screen to start your OW return from the airport. Please make sure you print your receipt to give to the driver, this is your boarding ticket. Once you have your ticket just proceed out door #2 curbside. Passengers may wait inside the terminal until ten minutes before the departure time.

We wish to thank all of our loyal customers who have seen fit to make shared gratuities to ALL of our inspired customer service personnel, including the drivers! This is added incentive for each of them to perform their duties “above and beyond the call of duty”! Charge card gratuities are distributed to all customer service employees (including drivers)! Additional cash tips received by drivers are not shared, belonging only to the driver, and are gratefully accepted!

Questions or concerns? Call the Kitsap Airporter at 360-876-1737 and immediately after your call is answered, then press “0”. A living person will then answer and who is also anxious to help you with your questions or concerns. We’re here to help you!

For our JBLM passengers we now have 21 daily trips from Ben Dews Clubhouse Grill located at: 6501 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406. Our shuttle’s arrive at SeaTac every hour beginning at 4:00AM until 12:00PM. Departures from the airport are 20 minutes past the hour.

All of our drivers are double hatted as Driver/Customer Service Agents just like our Dispatchers and Reservationists! If you feel that you had received extraordinary customer service from your driver, please feel free to offer an additional cash tip. Written or verbal comments about the performance of any of our customer service personnel is always appreciated!

Heavy road traffic and accidents are just about a daily occurrence these days! Therefore, as recommended by the airlines, please plan to arrive at the airport at least two hours before your flight time! This then, should allow you ample time to check baggage, clear TSA and the other delays caused by a frequently heavy people and vehicle populated airport!

If you make a next day reservation for an early morning or afternoon trip, you will likely be told to call the office (24/7) for your reservations. This is because of the lead time required to update trip manifests and alert appropriate drivers of the necessary changes!