Frequently Asked Questions

How much time should I allow for my flight?

Please plan to arrive at the airport 2 hours before your flight departure. Times shown on all schedules are estimates. Experienced travelers allow at least a two hour window at the airport before their flight to allow for delays encountered in route to the airport and for processing. The vast majority of outbound flights leave SEATAC before 3:00 PM each day and this translates into BKA busses for the first ten daily trips are near capacity. The added passengers mean more stops on our route further adding to schedule delays.

Can I make reservations FROM the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport?

No reservations are taken from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Note: During peak holiday travel periods our bus capacity fills quickly. Passengers at the Airport can contact Bremerton-Kitsap Airporter Customer Service personnel located at the South Ground Transportation Service Desk, south end of the baggage level of the terminal building near Carousel #1, at Door #00.

All Passengers returning from Sea-Tac Airport, including Round Trip ticket holders, are requested to check in with our agent at the service desk situated at Door 00 for issuance of a boarding pass if necessary. This is required to preclude overloading our busses and to assure “First Come, First Served” service.  Our airporter personnel will sell tickets and assist our drivers to expedite Airport departures. All departures from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport are from the South Parking Lot outside Door ’00’ at the South End of the baggage claim level. Between 10:00 am and 9:00 pm please check in with Kitsap Airporter agent at our courtesy desk at Door #00 before boarding the bus. At other times, please check-in directly with our driver.

Are service animals allowed?

Service animals as defined by the ADA are allowed.  Animals that are not service animals must be carried in a crate (i.e. cat, ferret, birds etc.) and placed at the owner’s feet. Animals will not and cannot be transported in the luggage rack or ride in the luggage compartment. For no additional charge, animals may sit on the owner’s lap or sit at the feet of the owner. If an owner of a larger non-service animal wants the animal to sit in a seat the owner is subject to a base fare. All animals must be on a leash. IF a seat is available, service animals can sit on a seat for no additional charge. If an animal shows any aggression, the owner and the animal will be removed from the bus.

Do you provide wheelchair access?

We contract with a third party company that provides buses that can accommodate ADA requirements.   Please call us at (360) 876-1737 at least 48 hours in advance, to ensure a wheelchair accessible bus for your trip.