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May 2022 Update

“Many of us have experienced some of the Covid Pandemic tragedies for the past two years and the Bremerton-Kitsap Airporter is no exception! We were forced to close down completely for four straight months but thanks to our many loyal Airporter patrons, we are rapidly regaining our former customer base. We are all finally able to travel again and we here at BKA have pledged to make your travel experience as convenient and comfortable as is possible.

We have all learned that customer service is the name of the game! Our staff is very grateful for your full support over the past 43 years (4.3 million passengers). Therefore, we are now planning on adding an additional two trips in the immediate future (Runs 19 and 21) thus enabling you choose from any of our hourly trips to the airport (and the lowest fares in the nation), but we need your help! Drivers and other needed essential employees continue to be hard to find in these economic times. So we ask you to be patient because we’ll get there soon and that’s our promise to you, our loyal customers!

Please be assured that should you desire to leave a gratuity on your charge card, the total amount of gratuities received are prorated fairly to all BKA customer service employees based on their individual hours worked during the pay period!”

Richard E. Asche
Posted by admin on May 1, 2022 | Categories: News.